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During your Free initial meeting with Write Wills For You Ltd, you may find it useful to look at the following additional services we offer:


Whilst most of us will have given some thought to making a Will less than 40% will have actually done so. Many will have put it off thinking that it’s something to do ‘when I’m older’ whist others may think they are tempting fate by putting pen to paper.

Lasting powers of attorney

Who would manage your affairs for you if you could no longer look after them?

This is a question that must concern all of us no matter how old, or young we are. We read every day of people being struck down by illness or accident and who are no longer able to look after themselves.

Living wills

A Living Will enables you to set out your wishes regarding the level of treatment which you may, or may not, wish to receive particularly at end of life.

Document storage

We can offer storage for your Will in a safe secure environment for a small annual fee. You will be provided with a copy of your will and a Certificate of Safe Custody together with information cards to give to your executors.

Severance of tenancy

A mutual or unilateral severance of joint tenancy of a property, enabling joint owners of a house to change ownership from joint tenancy to tenants in common.


As family life becomes more and more complicated, relationship breakdowns and subsequent remarriages can lead to potential problems and get in the way of your intended legacies.

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